The Video Games Book

It is a long process, but for the past 6 months I have been working on a book about computer games, the industry and the people behind it. The book is not intended to be a reference work, a chronological list of history, or with a particular focus on a gaming console. Instead, it is my tribute to the gaming industry, which I have followed since the end of the 80’s.

The book, Video Games, will be made as a coffee table book. This means that it will be a book with large pictures and light stories from the gaming industry. The book will be broad in scope, and regardless of whether you, your son or your mother looks up a page, it should evoke nostalgia and memories.

Here you can follow the progress and soon it will be possible to pre-order the book. The book will be published in English and Danish.

Writing a book - where should I start?

Writing a book – where should I start?

Sunday, January 22nd, 2023

If you are considering writing a book, it’s good to start with an idea. For me, the idea is clear. I want to write a book that pays tribute to video games and the gaming industry in general. It was easy – and yet not quite. I have an idea that the book should cover … Read more

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